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Most successful companies are focusing their everyday activities mainly on operations performance and on product excellence. Naturally this leads to a lack of time for the more abstract and strategic issues and arising questions. In many cases, company leaders find themselves in a situation where a perspective beyond current needs has been lost.

Everybody will agree that a business which wants to ensure sustainable growth and long-term success in the fast-paced world of today, must put time and resources at relevant topics such as:

  • Strategy Development – take care for the bigger picture, forge a vision for employees to follow
  • Innovation Enablement – ensure the next rising star is born in time to turn into a cash cow when needed
  • Operations Improvement – improve organic growth or setup, carve out or integrate business units

TRADUM is offering time and resources to fulfill such tasks to its customers. Working with a vast network of freelance industry specialists and boutique consultancies, TRADUM is your flexible one-stop shop for tailor-fit consulting services.

TRADUM – we help you to better your business.

Interim Management

Excellent people, dedicated, focused and results oriented employees are key to success for every business. The best strategy, the best product and the ideal market won’t help if the team delivering your value add to your customers doesn’t perform well.

On the same hand, excellent people are a rare species, hard to hire, hard to maintain. Interim management has a very simple value promise: To get the right person for the right job for the time necessary. Typical interim roles and tasks may be:

  • IT Management – re-aligning an IT department according to ITIL standards
  • Innovation / Digitalization – re-designing your approach to product innovation
  • Product Management – re-structuring your product management towards customer centricity

Interim managers are senior professionals with budget responsibility and leadership experience in their field of expertise and within their market. They can get started within days, speeding up to full productivity within 1-2 weeks. So no matter if you need to fill a senior role for a new endeavor or if you need to temporarily replace a management position for other circumstances, TRADUM can help you to identify a best fit interim management partner for your given situation.

Business Development

The best product and service cannot succeed if it is not hitting the market at the right place and at the right time. And even after a successful launch, further market segment, further distribution channels, further use cases and scenarios need to be developed to ensure continuing success.

Whilst sales and marketing strategies and teams are set up early in every product or company life cycle, business development gets into focus at later, sometimes at a too late point in time. Classically, business development covers the following aspects:

  • Business Planning – business case development for new products, services and business units
  • Market Entry – introducing your products and services to new markets and applying to new use cases
  • Partners & Alliances – identification, negotiation and management of distribution channels and partnerships

Business development is always tightly interacting with sales and marketing departments. Other than these, business development is much less focused on dedicated markets, target groups and segments. It is rather about scanning a much wider horizon for new opportunities and scouting for new ideas. TRADUM is closely working with a cloud of business development professionals around the globe, granting access to relevant companies and markets.

I worked together with André during our times at BenQ Mobile and inservio, the customer care spin-off of BenQ Mobile.
I know André as a person with a very structured and logic working style and an excellent sense for the strategic development of the business. Leadership and change management are two other areas where I would give André a high ranking. Within the BenQ Mobile Customer Care management team he was one of the driving people of the strategic spin-off of inservio and showed excellent senior management skills. Even under high stress André manages to stay calm and structured and shows others the right direction.
I would highly appreciate working together with André again at any time.

Till HabelPrincipal Director Supply Chain Management at Accenture Strategy

I have now worked with Andre for over two years and have had constant interaction with him across our teams. He is a great motivator and a highly respected leader within the company.

Working in a fast-paced and ever changing environment, Andre is able to maintain focus while simultaneously organizing the work of a large international team. As is necessary in such environments, Andre encourages organized teamwork and holds his team members to the highest quality and moral standards. Furthermore, he has the ability to enter a disorganized situation and calmly take control, solving the issue at hand in the most efficient way possible.

Andre has always been a pleasure to work with and would be a great addition to any company that is able to acquire his services.

Natasha Carlyle DeHartChief Revenue Officer at Witherspoon Distillery

André is a great manager and is highly respected by his team and colleagues. He has excellent communication skills which can get a team pumped up for action at the same time as help people understand the fine details of a process.

As Director of Supplier Relations at TynTec, André built a team with robust processes that supported many parts of the company and are crucial for the smooth daily operation of the organisation.

He is supportive and understanding, as well as fun and is happy to share his own experiences to help others – I enjoy working with THE Panné.

Nadeem LadhaVP Sales at Mitto AG

I hired André as Interim Business Development Manager in a phase when workXL diversified and expanded its business. He is a person who has a very analytical mindset, combined with a strong intuition for market opportunites and developments. André has contributed to workXL with his broad set of experiences. He has found understanding ranging from strategy and product development over marketing, sales and business development, to structuring IT based service offerings.

Höddi TryggvasonCEO, DTAD Deutscher Auftragsdienst AG

I collaborated with Andre on an important engagement from which our firm built strong credibility and strengthened the relationship with client decision makers. Andre demonstrated strong command of requirements for client to succeed with transformation, while working with client at all levels to help their organization to understand and adopt the change.

Antonio FazzalariIndustry Specialist, IBM Cognitive Solutions Group

I have worked together with Andre on quite a few projects recently and I have no qualms about saying that he is one of the most industrious Sales Professionals I have met in recent times! Of course, as is totally normal, Operations and Sales will always be at loggerheads in a constantly changing business like ours but wouldn’t life be boring without it! 🙂 However, that has been part of the charm of working with Andre and we have always been able to work as a team achieving the best possible results for the company AND maintaining a close personal relationship at the same time.

Sanjay VarmaDirector, Professional Services at Verint Systems, Inc.

André is an energetic, well-informed and dedicated manager with a broad experience in consulting and IT/TK. I definitely appreciate his untiring passion to get things moving.

Oliver PanneSenior Professional at Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH